RealAir Simulations SF.260

RealAir Simulations SF.260

RS SF 260 is an add-on for users of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X (FSX)
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RealAir Simulations

RealAir Simulations SF 260 1.0 is a software simulation program add-on for users of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X (FSX) with an Internet connection that provides them with an innovative 3D model of the SF.360 aircraft to add to their flight simulation collection. The program includes eight liveries of which five are civilian, and three have military schemes, and each of them have detailed realistic textures with custom animations. RealAir Simulations SF 260 1.0 also includes virtual cockpits for all eight liveries that feature controllable levers and gauges including pitch trim, park-brake, and fuel cut-off, and each cockpit is individually textured. Airshow and start-up smoke, and wingtip vortices are included in the visual effects and the program offers dynamic acoustic sound effects providing realistic sounds for engine, start-up and shut-down, wind noise and canopy sounds. Additionally, RealAir Simulations SF 260 1.0 features RealView technology, a special feature that simulates G force adding realism to the flying experience. A Gluing Guide is provided with the program that includes a pilot’s reference. This flight model also includes RealAir’s Smooth Guage technology for accurate spinning and sideslip aerobatic maneuvers. An animated pilot is also a feature.

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